Museum Square apartments

Museum Square apartments in Amsterdam

Museum Square District Highlights

The most memorable building in Museum Square has to be the rather elegant Rijksmuseum which was designed by Petrus J.H. Cuypers who also the created Amsterdam’s equally beautiful Central Station. Originally opened in 1885, the museum continues to flaunt its incredible collection of Dutch and international treasures to thousands of visitors every day. It is also home to some extremely popular artworks by Vermeer, Fran Hals and Rembrandt, including his infamous ‘de Nachtwacht’ or Night Watch. The museum continues to undergo an extensive renovation and only part of the collection is on display however there really is plenty to see here. You will need around an hour and half to ensure you get around everything.

The eternally popular Van Gogh Museum lies at the southern end of the square and it’s wise to get here as early as possible to avoid the predictable queues. The extensive entrance security procedure, metal detectors and x-ray machines are partly responsible for the delays. The museum boasts the largest collection of the great master’s works including many of his very personal and revealing self portraits.

To the west of the square you will find Stedelijk Museum where you can mingle with the greatest artists of the 20th century including Picasso, Cézanne and Matisse, Lichtenstein and of course Mr. Warhol. The museum has been very recently renovated incorporating a somewhat controversial new extension which some say resembles a giant ‘bakje’ – a plastic fast food tray that chips are served in. Maybe you will have other ideas.

Our Museum Square District Apartments

A wide range of our outstanding properties of varying sizes are available for hire within the vicinity of the popular Museum Square district. An excellent alternative to renting hotel rooms in the city, they are also within easy access of the beautiful central canal rings and Central Station. Simply state the date of your visit and click the search button in order to see their location and availability information. If you need further assistance or have any questions then please contact our helpful and friendly support team.

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